November 20, 2014

Making An Impact In The Neighborhood: Westerleigh Improvement Society

It takes a lot to maintain one of the most desirable neighborhoods on Staten Island. The beauty of Westerleigh is courtesy of one of Staten Island’s predominant non-profit civic group.

Established in 1893, Westerleigh Improvement Society has evolved into an association with over 600 members. This makes the civic group the oldest and largest membership on Staten Island.

What Does Westerleigh Improvement Society Do?

The association aims to address concerns in the community and preserve the beauty of Westerleigh through ongoing projects. Some of the recent projects: a street survey regarding “street pavement conditions, street signs and painted lineage”, “land use” and rezoning the houses in the community for single-family homes as R2.

Westerleigh Improvement Society plays an acting member in the community as well, hosting meetings and events where everyone is welcome to join.

The Christmas Recital is the next upcoming event hosted by Westerleigh Improvement Society. The recital will be at the Immanual Union Church in Westerleigh on December 6th, 7PM-11PM. Last year, there was 100-150 attendees.

Want To Be A Part Of The Community?

The first Tuesday of every month, Westerleigh Improvement Society meets at the Immanual Union Church for a visual special presentation by Vice President Mark Anderson, followed by regular monthly meeting regarding topics in the community.

The next annual meeting will be May 20th 2015, where a city elected official serves as guest speaker. Previous speakers include: Mayor Michael Bloomberg (2010), Congressman Michael Grimm (2011), Comptroller John Liu (2012), District Attorney Daniel Donovan (2013), and James Oddo (2014).

Looking To Join?

Enrolling as a member of Westerleigh Improvement Society is only $10/year. A part of these dues go into making “The Voice of Westerleigh” Newsletter that features highlights from monthly and annual meetings and important topics within the community.  The dues are also used to support local activites such as the neighborhood’s public school, the baseball league in Northerleigh Park and donations to Immanual Union Church.

A special thank you to Westerleigh Improvement Society President Michael Morrell.

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