March 28, 2016

This is the ‘prettiest’ block in Westerleigh, readers say

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — The SILive audience has spoken, naming College Avenue the prettiest block in Westerleigh.

Nominations were requested in a story posted June 19, and readers responded enthusiastically.

“I have lived in Westerleigh for 41 years,” wrote Jeff Christensen in an email. “When you come up College Avenue toward Manor Road, right when you get to New York Avenue and see the big Victorian homes on all corners, is the prettiest view in the area.

“The large Victorians are so well-kept and always make you wish you lived in one of them!”

Added indio:

“Certainly College Avenue. When I lived on Trantor Place, I would purposely make my jogging route to Clove Lakes, right through College Avenue, to help me clear my mind. Beautiful homes, and I remember the people there being very friendly.”

HectorMorality also nominated College Avenue, describing the street as “very picturesque.”


Protective zoning regulations are one of the reasons why Westerleigh has maintained its historic residential character, commented sawyer92.

“The right zoning (single-family homes) — and residents who really care about the community — make Westerleigh the wonderful place it is to live in. Many streets are picturesque and it is hard to choose the best one.”

Urged by a reporter to name his top-three favorite streets, sawyer92 replied: “College Avenue, Keiber Court and Kingsley Avenue.”

“The whole Island could have been like this with the right zoning, and if builders had good taste,” lamented incomudro.


“Many streets are picturesque and it is hard to choose the best one.”

Kingsley Avenue came in second place in our informal neighborhood competition, and Keiber Court was third.

“Kingsley Avenue! Love that block,” enthused Dannyboy10301.

“Always wanted a home on that street. On my way home from work, I would drive down this street even though it was a little out of my way. It was even prettier when it was a cobblestone street. Westerleigh is one of the prettiest areas in the North Shore that’s why I moved here! I love the area, but once you venture out you know you’re not home anymore.”

Other streets garnering votes included Cambridge, Dickie and Waters avenues.

“Just wanted to send these [two] pics of Cambridge Avenue that have a nice patriotic feel as we sip lemonade and await the 4th of July,” emailed susie81900.

“Waters Avenue has some nice, fully restored old homes,” ImAllWhite added.


This feature will continue on SILive, and will focus next on a neighborhood on the South, East or West Shore.

Give us your suggestions in the Comments section below to help us choose the next neighborhood.

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