Northerleigh Park

Northerleigh Park was purchased by the City in 1907 from the National Prohibition Park Company. The land was originally undisturbed woods and continued being so for the following 60 years. There was rumors of the land becoming a station for the Staten Island Railroad, but no plans were made. The Board of Estimate took control over the land in 1954, and assigning it to Parks in 1963.

In the 1960s, the Westerleigh Little Guys & Gals began to construct a part of the land to a baseball field. In time, Parks began to maintain the field in collaboration with the little league. In 1999, it was named Charles J. McClaughry Sr. Memorial Field after the founder of the league.

Originally named North Avenue Park, Commissioner Henry J. Stern renamed it Northerleigh Park in 1996. Today, the fence displays posters of the numerous local teams that have played in Northleigh Park.