Friends of Westerleigh Park

Formally known as Prohibition Park, Westerleigh Park was ceded to NYC Parks Dept. in the 1920’s when the prohibition movement ended. With almost 3 acres in size, Westerleigh Park has over 150 native deciduous species of forestry – which generate over 1000 bags of leaves each fall.

The Friends of Westerleigh Park was formed to beautify the grounds and surrounding areas with the yearly plantings of flowers, shrubs and trees as well as maintaining them. Friends of Westerleigh Park organizes weekend clean-ups; all volunteers who participate in these activities and chores are their life.

Every Saturday from April through December the Friends of Westerleigh Park can be found in the Park with the support of: elected officials, institutions and foundations, organizations, numerous elementary, high schools and colleges, as well as students, neighbors and local businesses.

Friends of Westerleigh Park were incorporated in 2001 as 501c(3) not-for-profit organization.

Keep an eye out for the yearly activities in the Park.  If you are interested or want to learn more about volunteering or community service at Westerleigh Park, read more.